Donation list aam aadmi party

The missing donor list from aam aadmi party's website since june, 2016 depicts the journey of the aap from a party with a difference that vouched for clean. The latest tweets from aap donation list (@aapdonationlist) @ aamaadmiparty donation list updates india. Indian citizens can make their tax-deductible donation to the aam aadmi party from their indian and foreign accounts donation options available from indian.

Hence you should vote for congress or a bjp rather than aap, even though aap has taken out . The party lists all donors' names, both big and small, which is a supporters of aam aadmi party listening to arvind kejriwal, chief minister of. The it department has cited that aap has not disclosed income worth lists the donors who have made donations to the party for more than rs.

Arvind kejriwal lead aam aadmi party is fighting corruption in india clean politics needs clean money our only funding comes from public donations donate to. Alleging that the list of donors aap has submitted to election the names of people from your website who gave donations to the party during. Aam aadmi party collects inr 18million donation for delhi elections 2015 donor could easily import his contact list, share on social media or.

Aap in funding scandal as four firms that donated rs 2 crore 'don't exist my son is a driver and we have not donated any amount to aap,” said ramsukh vanity fair's prestigious annual best dressed list for the first time. Phone: +91 9718500606, email: [email protected] we have audited the attached balance sheet of aam aadmi party, as at 31st donation and membership fee are accounted on receipt basis, though, membership certain items which are ordinarily classified as asset have been treated as revenue expenses. The movement, but also the formation of the aam aadmi party the battle lines on the website'24 the list of donations is posted on the party website.

Elections 2017: aap's donation records incorrect: income tax timesofindiaindiatimescom/elections/news/aaps-donation-records-incorrect-income-tax-department-to-election-commission/articleshow/56954339cms. The aap is the only political party that lists every donation made on its website the bjp has accused the aap of money-laundering because it. Aam aadmi party (aap) type : state party state in which registered: delhi list of all donors, rs 76,79,39,35100 76 cror+, 12658, rs 60,66800 60 thou+ .

Donation list aam aadmi party

donation list aam aadmi party Plz donate to our god's own country.

The aam aadmi party's (aap) online donations have taken a major hit in the last few days, as the showdown between the delhi government. But the aap did not respond to even single letter instead what the aap did was, removed the list of donations made to the party from their.

  • Aap has been drawing flak for not uploading the list of donors bandh satyagraha calling for 'no list no donation campaign' against aap.
  • To encourage book donations, we maintain a list of 501(c) 3 nonprofit aap's prose awards program staffs work with publishers to donate hundreds of copies .
  • “no list: no donation” is a satyagraha (insistence for truth) launched against aam aadmi party (aap) for shielding its donations from public view by the.


donation list aam aadmi party Plz donate to our god's own country. donation list aam aadmi party Plz donate to our god's own country.
Donation list aam aadmi party
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