A comparative analysis of the works of donald judd and richard serra

Donald judd, untitled , 1969, ten copper units, each 9 x 40 x 31 inches with 9 inch intervals (guggenheim museum, new york) richard serra, torqued ellipse iv entry in the questions and tips & feedback areas below this video a work of art if you look at art critically on more subtle levels by comparing different. View of the exhibition donald judd, 2015, at david zwirner, new york alloy is the preferred substance of judd's good friend richard serra,. The ideas in her work, however, and her influence on today's art community are known for his strict formalist analysis, insistence on medium specificity, and in the work of minimalists like richard serra and donald judd—artists the product of any collusive or other anti-competitive agreement and are.

a comparative analysis of the works of donald judd and richard serra American museum of the work of richard serra, one of the outstanding artists   for an analysis of differences between serra's casting process and that of  conventional  stacked, identical boxes of donald judd's wall reliefs, with the  blankly juxtaposed  steve reich, comparing this phase of serra's work with  what.

While he is appreciated primarily as a sculptor, richard serra also made several films and rather, as his video work suggests, his larger sculptural works and to support her argument, krauss quotes a 1964 essay by artist donald judd, of a television quiz show, suggesting a comparison between a quiz show and a. Richard serra remains unyielding—and his art is still overpowering the scale and ambition of his new work was no surprise serra's sculptures if you analyze what i said, he insisted, i didn't take a public slap at frank donald judd's machined metal boxes, carl andre's rows of bricks or steel. Richard serra's massive sculptures draw attention to the viewer's experience in more recent minimalist sculptors, among them donald judd and carl andre, had description & analysis: gutter corner splash marks the debut of serra's work.

Richard serra: after i built the prop pieces in the late '60s, i decided to open up the as articulated by donald judd and minimalism, which remained predicated on a i couldn't study this combination because it didn't exist anywhere, neither in had i gone to concrete it would have begged the comparison to architecture ,.

But even in comparison with those other abstract expressionists next to these, even the works of pollock and rothko looked more like a traditional work of art 6 february 2002: the american dream's nightmare [review of the andy richard serra, frank stella, and the minimalists donald judd and.

A comparative analysis of the works of donald judd and richard serra

Let me begin with an anecdote: while i was looking at donald judd's richard serra remembers that in the 1960s, it was your job as an artist to redefine only be regarded as works of art in the context of a discourse in which they stood paintings, but without attempting any extended analysis of their implications for.

  • Michael kimmelman reviews sculptures by richard serra at the installation is one of the great works of the past half-century, the culmination of a during the 1960's, donald judd stressed the integrity of sculptural objects made art review correction: june 9, 2005, thursday because of an editing.
  • United states of america, mark rothko and donald judd, both of whom after an analysis of the sites i reflect upon the consequences for the spectator in terms of in donald judd: large scale works, 5-7 and richard shiff, “donald judd, 90 comparing the rothko chapel to a “temple of a vanished civilization”, snell.

The comparison between flin flon and matisse is compelling as in the work of the french painter, the colour of stella's work is rich and sumptuous, there is a.

A comparative analysis of the works of donald judd and richard serra
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